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So here we go again, another lockdown! But we will remain open! Osteopaths are statutory regulated Primary Healthcare practitioners following strict guidelines and wearing PPE to protect our patients. You are allowed to travel for medical/healthcare appointments during this time.  Massage therapists are also allowed to open, but with restrictions. For,  example, massage prescribed for pain relief or sports injuries are permitted, but we need to justify that the treatment. Therefore, a virtual consultation (or phone call) must take place before treatment to gain clinical information to justify the treatment is for pain relief. Treatment times must be kept to a minimum (maximum 60 minutes).  If you are concerned or feel anxious about travelling at this time, we are happy to offer online consultations and encourage you to book in for these if you are in pain. We can help you to understand the cause of your pain and offer you support and advice to help manage and improve your symptoms. Please cancel or reschedule your clinic appointment if you have:  Any symptoms of COVID-19.  Tested positive in the past ten days  Been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case in the last 14 days  Travelled by plane in the last 14 days  Please make sure that you:  Submit COVID-19 screening form before your appointment, which will be in your confirmation and reminder email before you attend your appointment.  Face masks must be worn during your appointment.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and if you have any questions, please get in touch by email or call 07921621774.

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