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KJ Therapies would like to thank you for your continued support, especially over the last couple of years, which have been challenging, due to COVID (PPE and more time between bookings, meaning fewer patients per day) and now the increase in living costs. Due to these factors, we will be increasing our prices (see below) this month for new patients and in October for existing clients. We have tried to avoid the increase for as long as we could. The last one was four years ago. The new prices have been implemented on the booking system, so if you are an existing client wishing to book, please email us at to book at the old price. We are also offering discounted packages (see below).


We are making some changes to how you book your massage. Instead of looking through a long list of different massages, Swedish, Deep tissue, sports, trigger point, pregnancy, myofascial release, Osteopathy etc. Manual therapy treatments have many names, and choosing one can be confusing! KJ Therapies have kept the booking side simple, so we will simply call it a massage. You select the time needed and give us details of your requirements so your treatment will be unique for you.

1. Decide if you need to see an osteopath or if you need a massage *

2. Choose the time you need (30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes).

3. When booking your appointment online, give your practitioner a brief description of your concerns.

4. You will receive a form following the booking where you can include more detail.

* When do I need a massage, and when should I see an Osteopath?

Massage is a good way of easing tightness in muscles and tendons. However, most complaints need a prior diagnosis. If you have just developed a problem, it is best to receive a diagnosis from an Osteopath or other primary healthcare practitioner, such as your Massage, to ensure there isn't another underlying cause to your problem.

Massage Prices

30 minutes £55

45 minutes £65

60 minutes £75

90 minutes £100

Osteopathy with Massage (for new patients, please book 60 minutes)

Suppose you have had osteopathy treatments, and your original concern has dissipated, and you still have concerns. In that case, this treatment will use a combination of Osteopathy and massage techniques to maintain and keep your body healthy and functioning within optimum levels.

Osteopathy Prices

First appointment £80 (new patients)

Follow-up appointments:

30 minutes £65

45 minutes £75

60 minutes £85

90 minutes £110

Add-ons (can be used as part of your treatment or as a stand-alone treatment)

Acupuncture from £10

Exercise prescription from £10

Theragun from £10

Please allow extra time for these add-ons if you would like them included, so if you wanted a 30-minute osteopathy treatment and feel you would like an exercise prescription, we would need an extra 15 minutes. You can always ring us if you are unsure of the time needed. Times and prices will be listed on the website/booking link.


Packages are available for osteopathy and massage treatments.

Three treatments £10 discount (to be used in 3 months)

Six treatments £25 discount (to be used in 6 months)

Nine treatments £50 discount (to be used in 9 months)

See the website for other offers and packages, or email us at

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