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Corona Virus Clinic Update

There is such a lot of conflicting information out there about coronavirus! We want to reassure you that we are doing all the right things to keep our clinic open and safe - your relationship with us is important, and helping you stay pain-free even more so!

So, first off: our levels of hygiene in the clinic have always been high, and a lot of things that we have been asked to do due to the Covid-19 virus we were already doing, so not much has changed.

But to reassure you:

• Towels and couch covers (the fluffy ones, not the paper covers). are a potential source of transmission, therefore we’ve removed them from our treatment rooms. Our rooms are lovely and warm, and nobody seems to mind not having a cover on the couch. Some patients are choosing to dress again after the examination so that they stay covered, which is fine. Others are bringing their own towels.

• All surfaces that you touch, especially the couches themselves, are being sanitised throughout the day.

• Hand sanitiser and soapy water are available in all rooms.

• We are asking all patients to wash their hands before treatment.

• Clinicians are washing their hands between patients, as usual.

• Patients who have symptoms of the virus, or have been to a high risk area recently, are being asked to reschedule their appointments.

Don’t believe everything you read on social media! We’re encouraging all our patients to use the NHS website if they want reliable information. There’s a lot of nonsense doing the rounds at the moment. For example, cuddling your dog will not make you immune to the virus (but it’ll make you both happy), nor will eating an orange while doing a handstand (I made that one up).

Washing your hands and avoiding touching your face will definitely help reduce the chances of you getting the virus.

If you need to check the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus or find out which areas are currently high risk, please go to the NHS website

And if you’re stuck at home and need help we’ll be sharing tips and information on pain relief on social media. Follow us here:

• Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram:

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and follow the NHS guidelines. If anything changes for the clinic we’ll let you know.

Our aim is still to do as much as we can to keep you mobile and out of pain.m

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