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Clinic Open But with Restrictions

Following on from my message yesterday, I missed out on an essential detail!

I am currently following the latest advice given from our governing body, the General Osteopathic Council, on treating patients which is:

"UK legislation currently permits osteopaths to see patients. However, in many cases, only essential, urgent, or emergency services should be delivered, and many routine NHS services are now suspended for public protection. We are advising osteopaths to use professional judgment in determining whether it is appropriate to see patients and to carefully consider the guidance about staying home and saving lives. We are also advising osteopaths to consider seeing patients by video call or talking over the phone instead"

For New Patients 

You will need to book in a telehealth consultation first so I can determine whether a physical appointment is required. A telehealth appointment is precisely the same as the first appointment you would have at an osteopaths clinic. A full case history will be taken, and an active examination and tests will be carried out. The only difference is there is no hands-on treatment, and exercises/stretching and advice will be given. If, after the initial appointment, your symptoms do not improve or stay the same, we can arrange a physical appointment. You can call me first on 07921621774 if you would like a chat to discuss the appointment.

For Existing Patients

If you contact me first by email (info@kjtherapies.comor mobile 07921621774 and then I will book the appointment for you, but as mentioned already, these will not be general massage appointments.

Stay all!

Kelly James

KJ Therapies

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