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KJ Therapies New Location

KJ Therapies will be expanding to a new clinic, located at Unit 3, 3 Mill Street, close to Tower Bridge, Bermondsey station and London Bridge.

Adding to the team (well just me!) will be another osteopath, a massage therapist and a reflexologist, please see their bios on this site.

Here is the booking link and we hope to see you soon!

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Firstly some context - I am broken - riddled with arthritis and have had multiple joints surgically replaced and am often in quite severe pain

Kelly is a wonder. First and foremost she listens, takes the time to understand how your week (or whatever) has been, how much pain you've been in and whether your circumstances and/or environment have altered since your last visit - She's also brutally honest (I suspect she can be more honest with me than she might be with newer patients).

A session with Kelly is painful (for me) - but when you live with chronic pain you know the difference between pain that is necessary to improve things and pain that is damaging.

I always…

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